Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for facial rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for facial rejuvenation, popularly called as Vampire facial is an advanced skin care treatment.
This Golden Elixir extracted from your own blood acts by stimulating the collagen production and cell migration Thereby, giving you refreshed youthful appearance.
It effectively reduces open pores, enhances skin tone and texture, improves moisture retention in facial skin which is necessary for giving brightness to the face.

The patient also gets benefit from medical grade facials enhanced with PRP in conditions having acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun spots etc.

Other uses of PRP which can be administered after consultation with the plastic surgeon :-

I. Scalp hair loss and hair thinning.
II. Fine line and wrinkles over décolletage area.
III. PRP-Breast enhancement for improvements of skin tone and texture, improvement of cleavage, to increase the sensitivity of nipple and breast , to reverse inverted nipple and correct cosmetic issues resulting from aging breast.
IV. Femini PRP Booster- Indicated for vaginal dryness, dyspareunia (persistent / recurrent pain during sexual activity) and for vulval rejuvenation.
V. Stress urinary incontinence – when injected improves the stress incontinence by building collagen and elastin around the urethra to alleviate the symptoms.

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